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Disc Golf. What is that all about? I have never heard of Disc Golf you say. Well let me tell you a little about myself and the sport of Disc golf.

My name is Bill Bruce. I raised my family in Manchester, New Hampshire, and have lived and worked here most of my life. Our youngest son, Donald, decided to go off to college in a place far away from here; Denton Texas. Well that’s where I learned about Disc Golf.

It was on a trip to Texas to visit Donald that we were first introduced to Disc Golf. While we were killing time, waiting for his class to end, we drove through one of the local parks. We noticed these strange looking baskets with chains and soon realized this was some kind of a game apparently, and it involved throwing Frisbees at the baskets. We later learned this was Disc Golf.

Disc golf is played just like regular golf as far as scoring and things like that. You play on an 18 hole course, there is a tee pad at every hole, and your final shot on the green goes into a basket. Instead of golf clubs and balls, there are discs. Like golf, there are different types of discs for different shots; there are drivers, putters, and midrange discs. One big difference between regular golf and disc golf is that disc golf is usually played on rougher terrain. A lot of courses are actually in the woods.

The sport of Disc Golf was invented by a couple of college kids in California who were looking for a game to play that wouldn’t cost a lot of money. The sport evolved as a free sport with most courses being on public land; such as State and City parks, Town forests, Army Corp of Engineers land, and Conservation land. Most of the time the public can play on these courses for free. The sport is growing in NH; there are close to 20 courses in the state now, and several more are either under construction or in development stages.

Since visiting Texas over the last decade or so, I have become hooked on the game! Donald is now an avid player, and other family members and friends join me on the courses. I can’t go to Texas without playing several games of Disc Golf at several different courses. Come to find out Disc Golf is the fastest growing sport in the country. There are close to 5000 courses in the USA right now. Disc Golf has a growth rate of about 20% a year for the last 25 years or so. There are teams and leagues, professional tournaments, and world championships.
My mission with Breakin' Chains Disc Golf Supplies is to not only provide access to equipment, supplies and apparel for playing, but also to help raise awareness of the sport so that we can add players and develop new places to play. Our area is currently lacking in nearby courses; it's about a 25 mile ride to get to any course from Manchester. We would like to see a quality course built in the Manchester area, and we hope to help bring Disc Golf closer to home!

I welcome and encourage inquiries and discussion about developing new places to play, how to play, or any discussion on the sport. We would also like to get a local league started that can get together once a week or so for game. I can be reached at our store located in the Granite Hill Business Center at 1461 Hooksett Road in Hooksett, or by telephone 603-232-2241.

Thanks everyone for all your support and I look forward to talking with any interested parties. You will be surprised how much fun can be had by all age groups ~ this is a sport the whole family can play! There are several free courses in NH and private courses are usually about $5.00 to play a round. So get out there and give the discs a toss!

Bill Bruce, Owner
Breakin Chains Disc Golf Supplies